CLOUD EATING a South African Folk Tale
from South-African Folk-Tales, by James A. Honey [1910]

JACKAL and Hyena were together, it is said, when a white cloud rose. Jackal descended upon it, and ate of the cloud as if it were fat.

When he wanted to come down, he said to Hyena, “My sister, as I am going to dive with thee, catch me well.” So she caught him, and broke his fall. Then she also went up and ate there, high up on the top of the cloud.

When she was satisfied, she said, “My greyish brother, now catch me. well.” The greyish rogue said to his friend, “My sister, I shall catch thee well. Come therefore down.”

He held up his hands, and she came down from the cloud, and when she was near, Jackal cried out (painfully jumping to one side), “My sister, do not take it ill. Oh me! Oh me! A thorn has pricked me and sticks in me. “Thus she fell down from above, and was sadly hurt.

Since that day, it is said that Hyena’s hind feet have been shorter and smaller than the front ones.


Dear Hyena,

Thank you for your email, You requested a Fast Response Card Reading from us.

You specifically asked: “What happened with my friend Jackal, I really trusted him and he dropped me.  Should I keep the faith and keep believing in him? What I really want to know is – am I right in pursuing a loving relationship with Jackal – was it really just an accident?”


Hyena’s Fast Response Card Reading

Your questions are very emotional, and I can well understand why.  As we agreed via email, we changed your questions slightly to gain the maximum benefit from your reading:

  • What are my options in our relationship, so that I can stop being emotionally and physically hurt by Jackal.
  • Was Jackal letting me fall, an innocent but unfortunate accident?

I did a simple spread and included a picture of it on the left.  Sometimes we intuitively find more meaning or a connection  to the spreads used.

Starting with the second question first: With the 3 of Spades, 9 of Diamonds and Queen of Spades, I’m seeing a relationship that has been beset with problems – and though there are good moments where it seems it is improving and it has changed for the better, it reverts to it’s previous problematic  expression.

Here this has been expressed by sorrow about a lack of commodities (food as your email said) , then improving dramatically (finding the feeding cloud).  This improvement in your personal food wealth (9 of Diamonds) was immediately followed by an accident, but in this case the Queen implies that it was no accident, she shows the truth about a negative action (she’s above the 7 of Swords showing deception).  The short answer is that he let you fall for selfish reasons and he has lied about the thorn being the cause.

The Tarot cards confirm what the playing cards are showing.  To answer your first question: In order to prevent further situations where you are hurt by Jackal, the cards suggest that you spend this time recovering from your injuries.  You will be in a better space where you have the strength to make a change for the better (Strength + 9 of Diamonds) and the difficult truth of the matter (Queen of Spades) is that to reach the space of not being hurt by Jackal, you’ll have to consider leaving ( Queen + 7 of Swords) as his behaviour is repetitive and deceptive.  So to answer your question, leaving is the only way to avoid being hurt.

I drew one more card for you, 9 of Pentacles describes your situation if you do decide to part ways.  It speaks of having learned valuable lessons and being in a financially independent and happy place.

I hope this reading has been helpful to you.  If you need any clarification, please do not hesitate to email me.

If what you seek is a further reading to see more options or a deeper analysis of the situation, please contact me via email.

All the best,








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