THE COCONUT SELLER – a Philippine Folk Tale

coconutSource: Mabel Cook Cole, Philippine Folk Tales (Chicago: A. C. McClurg, 1916), p. 88.


One day a man who had been to gather his coconuts loaded his horse heavily with the fruit. On the way home he met a boy whom he asked how long it would take to reach the house.

“If you go slowly,” said the boy, looking at the load on the horse, “you will arrive very soon; but if you go fast, it will take you all day.”

The man could not believe this strange speech, so he hurried his horse. But the coconuts fell off and he had to stop to pick them up. Then he hurried his horse all the more to make up for lost time, but the coconuts fell off again. Many time he did this, and it was night when he reached home.

Dear Young Man,

Thank you for your email, You requested a Short Reading from us.

You specifically asked:


“Why on earth did the coconut seller not take my advice?”


The Short Reading about the coconut seller.

Here is your short reading: The 9ofDiamonds: A method used will not achieve the goal, JackOfClubs: this message concerning a practical matter is conveyed but 8ofSpades the coconut seller has a mind that focuses more on negative things than the positive side of the situation.

The tarot cards speak of him needing to make a choice, but he seems confused and doesn’t know what to do. Instead of hearing, analyzing  and following your advice; he rushes in and chaos ensues.

The reason he rushed in was not because he ignored you, but because he did not understand the options you had outlined for him.   He had the outcome in mind instead of the practical method that you had suggested (as shown by the first card).

I hope this reading has been helpful to you.  If you need any clarification, please do not hesitate to email me.

If what you seek is a further reading to see more options or a deeper analysis of the situation, please contact me via email.

All the best,



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