Getting a Tarot reading is very exciting.

The biggest reason that many people have asked me for a reading has been to find options for the present predicament that they are in or to find the best way to start something.

The best questions have been about finding the options available and how to make things go in a more rewarding direction.  The reason so many readers say that they are not fortune tellers, is that most of them don’t do fated predictions.  They simply show you the currents of your life and what resources you may have available to you.

It’s the most wonderful way to stay out of trouble and make the most of your own life path.  Each reader is different, so you will get subtle nuances of difference or hugely different readings, bringing different things to the fore.

Ultimately you need to be happy with your reader.

To get the most out of your reading your questions need to be focused.  The more vaguely that the question is asked, the more chance there is for a vague answer that tries to cover all that your question could mean.  A good idea to keep in mind is that the clearer your question, the clearer your answer.  You don’t have to take this to extremes, just keep in mind that a little clarity goes a long way.

A decent reader never judges you.  We’ve seen a lot and have our own lives, we really don’t judge who you are, whom you love or what you do.

Your reader will let you know what’s going to happen and will try to get you familiar and comfortable with the process.

Try keep an open mind and remember that your reading is always private.  Besides your reader, only you get to see what’s going on.  If it gets into embarrassing territory that you don’t want to deal with, it is really okay to say so.  Your boundaries will be respected.  It’s really much easier for your reader if you say you don’t want to discuss something than making up a white lie that will save you from embarrassment.  Giving the wrong information will mess with your reading and in the end you’ll end up with something that’s not as good as it could have been.

Ultimately you need to be comfortable with your reader, find someone that’s right for you.

(Hopefully you’ll pick one of us to read for you.)