My Fortune in Tea

teaHere’s a bit of a change from card reading.

Many of us know of the concept of reading our tea leaves, but not quite sure what it’s all about.  Readings that require consulting that which is left behind in a cup or glass  includes tea leaves, wine dregs (oenomancy) and coffee grounds. Tea readings are referred to as tasseography, tasseomancy or tassology- and it is not considered unlucky to read for yourself.  The name is simply from the French word for cup “tasse”.

The tradition is often passed down in families and most people will know of an older female family member that reads the leaves.

This is of course a form of divination and as with any future preview, it’s to see what choices you have available.  Never take a reading as gospel – this often leads to self-fulfilling prophecies and heartbreak.

Coffee was introduced to Europe a century before tea and the first London coffee shop opened in 1652.  Coffee was for a long time a lot cheaper than tea which was considered a luxury item.

The dregs of herbal tea infusions used to cure illness was taken by the family Matriarch and used to divine the cause of the illness.

Some consider coffee grounds to be better for the inner world and a thick coarse Turkish-style of coffee is best for this purpose, however there are quite a few people who feel that reading coffee dregs for yourself is unlucky.

In the story Carmen, the Gypsy divines her death by coffee grounds, for the opera the story was altered and she uses a deck of cards.

For a quick WIKI on tea-leaf reading which includes some symbols, click here.

For a more detailed overview and to try it yourself  – go here.

For a great video link to do your first tea leaf reading, watch Amber McCarroll on Youtube here.


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