Posing Your Question


Getting a card reading is fantastic.  So many avenues of exploration and so many ways to maximize your time by avoiding that which doesn’t work and focusing on what really works for you.

question-mark-stockimageSo how do you, as a Querent, formulate a question that gets the best answer?

It seems to me that different ways of asking works for different readers, however, there seems to be a few common themes regarding which questions work best.

One simple method that works really well, is to keep things positive.  Quite literally.

Our subconscious has a problem understanding little words that negate; remove and avoid the “no” words, the “not” words and the “don’t” words.  It is FAR easier to answer “Is he faithful” than “Is he unfaithful”.

I can easily let you know if your planned purchase is what you really need, than having to work through a “This isn’t what I need, right?”  It’s a really small thing, but framing questions this way saves you time and money.

“How is that?”, I hear someone ask.  In-person readings are normally charged by time, the longer it takes to re-frame your question by your reader, the more time’s spent and the monetary amount is slowly increasing with the minute hand.  If you’re choosing an email option, emailing back and forth to clarify the question is going to really mess with your delivery time.

Another great way to frame a question is to avoid “yes” or “no” questions.  Depending on your reader, a closed question often doesn’t get much response.  A few readers might include the “why” with the yes/no answer, but you’re severely limiting the kind of feedback your question could generate. Asking Open-Ended questions prevents your reading being limited…BUT…

9HeartsDon’t ask too broad a question either.

You want to limit the range of your question to a certain degree so that you can get a workable answer to your questions, and not standard stock-phrases that don’t really mean anything.  Striking this happy medium can save you time and money.  Luckily most readers and seers will help to re-phrase your question into something more appropriate to their answering style.    If your questions are too nebulous, your answers will be just as vague.  The cards tend to answer in the way that the question was asked.

Neutrality.  You want to be in a calm space for your reading.  Being desperate or emotionally distraught at the reading seven-diamonds-carddoesn’t do you or your reader any favours.  Also, keep an open mind.  Are you having the reading to gather information that could help you, or is it to prove that you are right?  If the issue to be read about is upsetting for you, try to wait until you are in a better space, or ask for an email reading.  In the email, try to stay on topic and ask for what you want.

The best thing over all is to write down your questions before-hand.  There is no need to feel that it has to be a spontaneous response in regards to your questions.  A well worked out question that’s written down saves loads of hassle, time and money.

The last point I want to address is that you are asking the questions – keep yourself as the focus.  You want the best for you, limit or avoid asking about other people.  Of course we are all inter-connected so to some degree another person comes up in your reading, but they are coming up in relation to you.  Try to keep the focus on you and you’ll get much clearer questions.  To sum up:

  • Keep the phrasing positive
  • Avoid closed “yes” or “no” questions by asking Open-Ended questions
  • Don’t ask too broad a question either – the more specifications, the better it is for you
  •  Stay Neutral
  • Keep yourself as the focus

There are  also the “37 Questions” by  Alec Satin.  He no longer has his blog up, but a significant post that he shared was:

“What do you ask the tarot when you don’t know what to ask?”

It is 37 of the best tarot questions by  Alec Satin to get you started.  You can customize any of these questions to best match your particular situation.

What do I most need to know questions

  • What do I most need to know about my love life?
  • What do I most need to know about my career?
  • What do I most need to know about the situation with my sister/brother/husband/friend/mother?

How can I move forward questions

  • How can I move my career forward?
  • How can I move my love life forward?
  • What’s trying to come forth in my life?
  • What’s the strongest foundation to build upon?


  • I can go two ways. Help me decide which way to go.
  • What are the pros and cons of these two choices?
  • How can I make the best possible decision?

Do this – Don’t do this questions

  • What should I do about the situation with my work?
  • What shouldn’t I do about it?
  • What should I do about the situation with my sister/brother/mother/father/spouse?
  • What shouldn’t I do about it?

Blessings in your life

  • How can I restore my hope for the future?
  • What blessings do I bring to my life?
  • What blessings do my friends and loved ones bring to me?
  • What blessings are coming to me from the Divine?
  • How is fortune smiling on me?
  • Where is love in my life?
  • How can I know that there is meaning in my life?

 Hidden things

  • What am I ignoring?
  • What am I not seeing?
  • What’s holding me back?
  • What am I denying?
  • What am I seeing that’s not true?
  • What have I forgotten?
  • What could trip me up?

Snapshot questions

  • What can I learn from the past?
  • What is the future telling me?
  • What cycles are impacting me?
  • What have I learned?
  • Where am I strongest?
  • What should I look out for?

Action questions

  • What if anything needs to be done?
  • How can I communicate this in the best way possible?
  • How will the trip go?


Some other sites that address how to ask a great question are:


Donnaleigh’s site gives some great question formulation advice:

What is the best way to ask a question?


Llewellyn Worldwide Journal gives some practical question tips:

Ten Practical Questions to Ask the Tarot


Aeclectic Tarot Forum has an extensive list of possible questions:

List of Tarot Questions


BiddyTarot has a great list of what not to ask:

What NOT to Ask the Tarot


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