Mercury Retrograde

BronzeAs a Cartomancer, I start to get a noticeable increase in reading requests around the times of the planet Mercury going in, what appears to be, a reverse direction.  This happens about three times a year for about 22 days at a time.

There are many excellent resources explaining what Mercury Retrograde is and how it functions astrologically, (for an excellent detailed resource try PANDORA ASTROLOGY) but I’m not going to delve into the finer points of astrology here.  This post  is just a short piece addressing what we will be experiencing during that time.

When Mercury turns retrograde, we will have loads of adventures and then Mercury turns direct againFor about two weeks before and after M-Retrograde you will feel it – as it arrives and as it leaves: This is called the shadow period.

During this time, usually, I have many clients wanting readings.  Everything’s going wrong – their lives are all over the place… the good news?  It’s not you, it’s just Mercury retrograde.

What Happens?

You’ll start to notice an inordinate number of miscommunications.  In fact, everything ruled by Mercury in astrology seems to be a little topsy-turvy.  Aside from arguments, you’ll notice traffic and travel plans and actions are delayed.

A simple to read resource at CRYSTAL LINKS gives a brief overview:

Medical or Dental: Diagnosis made could be wrong, appointments rescheduled or cancelled.

Business: Problems with contracts, meetings, merges, paper work, etc. (Sign Nothing)

Telecommunication: Phones, satellites, computer systems and related

Travel: Lost luggage, flight delays, vehicle problems, getting lost even with a GPS system

Decisions: You feel indecisive

Relationships, friendships and partnerships: Changes made and reviewed (don’t marry now)

Written work will be redone due to errors or change of content.  Creativity could be stifled.  If you start a diet,you’ll quit when retrograde is over.  Emotions are heightened.  Purchases may be returned: They may be broken or you’ll decide you don’t like them.  Many things simply won’t add up!  If you play a trick on someone it will backfire on you.

During this period of heightened sensitivity Mercury is sometimes said to be entering the underworld, so don’t be surprised when your intuition is off the charts.

What Do You Do?

I find that when I avoid the basic pitfalls of Mercury Retrograde as stated above – I tend to coast through fairly unscathed.  I avoid starting things, purchases, travel and signing anything.  I tend to focus on doing things that have been piling up, reconnecting with old friends, spending time re-establishing relationships, suddenly reconnecting with old clients.  This is you “RE” time and I hope that it will be fairly smooth sailing for you.

Click HERE to check if we’re in Mercury Retrograde – or just to get the next dates.



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