Email Tarot Readings

pents10When getting a tarot, or any other kind of reading, we are often worried about what will be seen and what kind of shame will be exposed by going to a reader. If at any point you get to have a live reading in person, you quickly realize that those fears are unfounded.

Your reader is there to help you get an answer to a burning question, reveal available options that you might not be seeing, and to bring you some peace of mind. The last thing a reader wants to do is to upset you or to try and delve into a personal matter you don’t want scrutinized. We just don’t do that. Once you’ve been to an ethical reader it becomes a lot easier to have one done. Your fears are allayed and you can get in there and ask what you need to know.

And it’s even easier by email; you ask your question and

Electronically – there’s no visual cues to cold read with. This basically means that they won’t be able to make it up as they go along. No facial expressions and no body language to gauge your reactions from and to respond appropriately. General broad readings that apply to anybody can quickly be spotted.

Other upsides are that you don’t have to be clear your diary or wait to be seen. Send you email question and you’re done.

Any other bonuses? Variety. There are so many readers to choose from, you really can shop around to find the best fit. Get recommendations, find testimonials, ask friends who have had readings about their experiences and who to contact and who to avoid. There are many people who have been to bad readers and are very happy to warn you about the pitfalls that you may encounter. However, there will also be many people who have had wonderful experiences with readers – get them to give you names and how the experience was for them.

Take the plunge and have a reading with somebody that resonates for you.

Get a tarot reading


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