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5 thoughts on “Client Reviews

  1. I had a session from Zen last year and it was quite accurate, insightful, very well articulated, and enlightening. He picked up on things going through my mind at the time, and foresaw some squabbles I was about to have, which allowed me to approach the situation with a good deal of humor.
    I’ve noticed that Zen approaches his readings and clients with an open heart, a sense of wonderment and fun, groundedness, and a kind hand, all of which are valuable gifts to have and make the client feel at ease.
    I would absolutely recommend Zen, not only for his skill and talent, but for his heart and charm.

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  2. I very recently had a reading with Zen and can describe the reading as extremely accurate in the short period following the reading. Zen approaches the reading with the deepest sincerity and his attention to detail while reading the cards is something that I revered. The methodology Zen uses is insightful and is complimented by his amazing understanding of the various decks that he is able to utilise which is remarkable in itself. His further understanding of the spiritual realm as well as his in depth understanding of numerology and ability to decipher the interpretation of the cards as they present themselves to various and relevant situations as they were / are unfolding in my life is significant and often very literal. His ability to articulate the interpretation with almost absolute accuracy is profound. I would be delighted to recommend Zen as a highly skilled and gifted card reader. Thank you!

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  3. I had my first reading done by a local professional reader who still reads from the same premises. I remember being perplexed and more than a little disappointed when I walked out of her business feeling dazed and confused.

    During the reading the answers were vague and I felt that they sounded well-rehearsed, practiced. They related just enough to my life, the same as it would have related to any other person’s. I nodded and agreed when questioned. More often than not, I was told something and think to myself, “that’s not true” or “that hasn’t happened” but dismissed it as “not seeing what she saw”.

    As I left I felt that I had just paid for something, but didn’t know what that thing was. There was no clarity, no guidance and no direction. There were lots of predictions and futures that were “fated” but no definite “things”. After the excitement and getting the nerve up to go, I experienced a huge anticlimax; nothing had been answered. The whole reading had made me feel scammed.

    A year later and I have had a reading with Zen. Before me lay my life, what was hidden fr me, what had happened and what was to come.

    In Zen’s reading I felt awe and a little trepidation. I was astonished at the way that my life was so easily represented in the cards, or rather, I was really impressed at what he could extract from the cards.

    What stood out so much more for me was how, for the first time, I didn’t feel helpless during the reading. I was no longer left to “accept what fate had assigned”. Predestination has dissolved into nothing more than a bad joke for me. I have a choice. I finally get some clarity.

    The card readings from Zen has become a way to look into future possibilities, see what has happened and how to navigate my options instead of letting myself become a victim of circumstance.

    If in doubt, try Zen.

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  4. Thank you for my reading! I battled with forming the question initially … there was so much that I wanted answers to and I was aware that I should ask SPECIFIC things, rather than a cheesy “what about my romantic life?” sort of thing.
    So I ended up asking one of four things, but you ended up answering all four in any case! I love the look of the cards – thanks for doing two spreads. From the very first card you seemed to be really tuned in to my current circumstances and state. Your explanations of the others as they were drawn and how they linked up, and especially how they are manifesting/may manifest in my life were clear and goose pimply accurate!
    This has helped me to “see the forest for the trees” in some situations, and I’m enjoying moving forward in life again as a result.
    I’m really impressed, feeling invigorated and happy, and it’s been a wonderful birthday pressie. Thank you so much for spending your time and energy on me for a little while. You clearly have a gift – and it’s BRILLIANT that you’re working it and letting it grow. I will recommend you to others and will be back … especially once I’ve met that white-haired bloke with the dogs!
    Jo Collie (Author)

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  5. I am in the USA in Columbus, OH to be precise. Zen is in Africa and we casually started communicating via Facebook. Zen gave me a reading and he nailed on the head a lot of things going on in my romantic life right down to the person and how we met as well as other things that were a little too close for comfort . . . but, he was right on it. A wonderful reading from a wonderful man!
    I look forward to the next one when some of the things that were pointed out have passed.
    You won’t be disappointed with a reading from Zen.

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