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Tarot and other card systems are about how you can empower yourself.

Check what outcomes the current events, past or future decisions might have and how you can take steps to “stay ahead of the game”.

Create an inspiring life for yourself, let us help you smooth the snags and get some clarity.

What do you get when you request an email reading?

GypsyYou will receive:

  • An email containing a picture of your spread and
  • your typed reading.
  • This will deal with your question’s context and it’s answer
  • What your best options are and
  • what outcomes you can expect.

You will have access to me by email for any clarification of this reading. While this is not a further reading involving any more cards, it will contain more explanatory notes on what your reading was conveying and answer any questions you may have.  Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.


What to doemail

  1. Email us your questions at If  you feel comfortable including your full name and date of birth it does help, but it’s not necessary.  Letting us know your gender and sexual orientation does come in handy in relationship readings, adding a pic is even better – but that is up to how comfortable you feel with us.  Your gender is often enough to get our bearings in a reading – but whatever you add – every little bit helps.
  2. After looking at your question we’ll get back to you by email to confirm receipt of your question and include any questions that we may have to help define your question.  and answer any questions you may have.
  3. After receiving your reply:
  4. Choose and click the Paypal option button of your choice.
  5. Click on the pay now button.  You’ll be taken to the PayPal payment menu for that option.

All email readings are paid for in advance.


FLAGIf you’re a South African, as in point one above, please contact us with your question at

After looking at your question we’ll get back to you by email to confirm receipt of your question and we’ll send you the EFT details. Included will be any questions we may have to help define your question  and answers to any questions you may have.

All email readings are paid for in advance.

Whether you’re tarot-curious or would like an in-depth detailed reading, we have spreads and pricing that will work for you. HERE

What do we do?

Card readers read cards.

That means we use the cards’ random patterns – to reflect your life patterns – and we use the cards in a way that is a mirror for our unconscious.   This involves intuition and synchronicity, and being skilled enough to read these patterns (through practice and/or training).

Which all means that:

We do readings,  we are readers.  Our reading skill and time  are what you are buying, we do read the patterns that are are most likely to cause certain events to happen.

However – there’s always the card disclaimer: The future’s fluid

While reading cards helps us to  make our future the way we want and anticipate the rocky roads roads ahead and make plans, it is always dependent on the choices we make and the actions we take after getting a reading.

We use multiple spreads and different decks of cards – whether it be more than one tarot deck at a time or more usually a reading that mixes tarot and playing cards – and perhaps Lenormand.

We don’t diagnose, nor do we predict a fated future, we’re not selling you an outcome or a future.  And if you’ve read this far you are more than likely not looking for a fated be-all and end-all outcome.  We don’t only use one spread-system to read for everybody.  You’re an individual and the way we read reflects that.