About Zen, Sophia and Charles

At Black Knight we read cards.  We are a small and independent Cartomantic and Tarot Card-Reading Service. We are three card lovers who read Lenormand Cards, Tarot Cards and everyday playing cards. Send us an email and we’ll read for you.


Zen:  My name’s Zen and I do most of the readings on Black Knight.  I’m 39, Gemini, gay and have a ginger cat that sleeps on any available lap (Cats are my weakness) and Terry Pratchett gets a good giggle out of me. I have been reading cards for roughly 20 years and I occasionally teach, I started off reading with playing cards just after high school, I was around 17/18 years old, and was gifted my first tarot deck by a friend.

Lenormand Cards have been a new-ish pursuit that has shown me a beautiful symmetry and a new way to see reading with playing cards.  I have a fuctional understanding of numerology, natal astrology, Qabala and Elder Futhark Runes,  but my first love (and preference) remains the cards, with which (as mentioned earlier)  I have about 20 years reading experience.

I have read professionally for 11 years.   For this I use multiple spreads and decks depending on the question.  I also use Lenormand cards and playing cards together with the tarot to get to the answers you need.

I also work with two other readers who read by request:

FionaSOPHIA: I revel in being scared by a good horror movie or you’ll find me listening to some music by Passenger, Witchy Woman by The Eagles or some Hozier.

I plug in to readings in a way that surprises me and am always astonished when people don’t see that which I thought was painfully obvious in the spread.

I started reading with the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot and still prefer using my trusty Tudor Rose deck.  I also read traditional playing cards, Lenormand Cards and have a fascination with numerology in everyday life situations.

The Forensic Reader blog is both an exploration of crime and the supranatural and an exploaration of the cards


Charles:  My Sun sign is Libra, I love DaftPunk, practice yoga and Usui Reiki.

I learned how to read with a deck of Rider-Waite-Smith Radiant Tarot while in highschool around age 16, and really started honing my skills as a reader at 20.

I use Pythagorean Numerology, Astrology and some Qabalastic correspondences in my reading practice, but simplicity still seems to work best.

I read Tarot Cards, Lenormand Cards and traditional playing cards.  I am fascinated by old decks from Russia, Europe, America – from all over the globe really.

Hello from all of us, we’re very glad that you’re here.